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The other Steamed Fish

The other Steamed Fish
Ready to be served, with all bones carefully removed by hand. Excellent as a second course. Simply warm up by placing the sealed package in hot water for few minutes. Steam cooking preserves the nutritional qualities of the fish and keeps the meat soft and succulent. Steam gently envelops and caresses the fish, imparting a refined flavour enhanced through the addition of delicate Mediterranean aromas typical to the Italian culinary tradition. Only a few ingredients are used in the steam process but they are all natural: water, sea salt and our passion.
Steam cooked Cod
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€ 4.60
Peso 125 g
Meditteranean Cod
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€ 4.70
Peso 125 g
Sea Bass
Steamed sea bass
Single portion fillet
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€ 6.40
Peso 90 g
Sea Bream
Steamed sea bream
Single portion fillet

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€ 6.20
Peso 90 g
Mediterranean Mackerel
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€ 5.70
Peso 120 g
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