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Sockeye Wild Salmon, cold smoked, slices

Peso 100 g

  • 500SOC100GA

  • Slices of cold smoked Sockeye Wild Salmon. The ‘Red’ salmon is caught using nets along the coasts of Alaska and owes its name to the characteristic bright red colour of its meat. A smooth, rounded taste.

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Salmone rosso (Oncorhynchus nerka), sale, zucchero.

Valori Nutrizionali

Energia 509 kJ/100g 121 kcal/100g
Grassi 4,8 g/100g
di cui:
Acidi grassi saturi 1,0 g/100g
Acidi grassi monoinsaturi 2,1 g/100g
Acidi grassi polinsaturi 1,7 g/100g
Carboidrati <0,5 g/100g
di cui:
Zuccheri <0,3 g/100g
Proteine 19 g/100g
Sale 2,7 g/100g

Durata Minima Garantita

50 Giorni

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