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Red King

Peso 80 g

  • 500KING80GA

  • The King, the greatest! Fished with a hook like in the old days, can reach up to 15 kg in weight. Always considered the finest salmon, RED KING is processed using a special technique that enhances the softness of the meat and brings out its distinctive flavour.
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Salmone reale (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), sale, zucchero.

Valori Nutrizionali

Energia 541 kJ/100g 129 kcal/100g
Grassi 5,2 g/100g
di cui:
Acidi grassi saturi 1,0 g/100g
Acidi grassi monoinsaturi 2,5 g/100g
Acidi grassi polinsaturi 1,7 g/100g
Carboidrati <0,5 g/100g
di cui:
Zuccheri <0,3 g/100g
Proteine 20 g/100g
Sale 3,1 g/100g

Durata Minima Garantita

50 Giorni

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